After two and a half years, we’ve decided to merge the Ebner.Marketing brand into Content Workshop.

Why? In a single word: focus.

Ebner.Marketing grew quickly after our launch in 2019 and was pivotal to our survival through the pandemic era. However, Ebner.Marketing’s trajectory pales in comparison to our sister brand, Content Workshop, whose growth has outpaced Ebner.Marketing by a factor of 11. Content Workshop has grown so quickly that we’re pacing three years ahead of our ten-year growth plan, and we’ve reorganized our resources to support what we used to call a small, but mighty content marketing agency.

We’ll continue to support all of our Ebner.Marketing clients currently utilizing our HubSpot consulting services, but we’ll do so under our Content Workshop brand. Our consulting team, namely Fran Panto and myself, isn’t going anywhere! And our clients can expect the same high level of service they have grown to depend on us to deliver.

Since many of our Content Workshop clients utilize the bustling marketing automation tools in HubSpot, we’ll continue to maintain our partner agency status and the credentials needed to assist our clients with HubSpot.

Through this move, we’re able to add more resources to Content Workshop and position our company for even greater growth. Since beginning this shift a few months ago, we’ve added dozens of staff members, including writers, designers, content strategists, project managers, and account managers at Content Workshop.

Our merge will begin on July 1st and include shutting down our social media profiles and redirecting our website to Content Workshop. All Ebner.Marketing email addresses and access to tools will forward to new Content Workshop email addresses.

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me directly via the chat window in the lower corner of this page.




Ebner Marketing CEO and Chief Strategist
President of Content Workshop


David J Ebner

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