August 26th, 2020 – Clearwater, Florida – The Content Workshop, an industry leader in content marketing,  announces the launch of  EDU by Content Workshop

What is EDU by Content Workshop 

Through a series of video lessons created by the veteran team at Content Workshop, EDU will help people who want to enter the content marketplace, freelancers who want to expand their services, and marketing teams that want to cross-train on new skills. 

David J Ebner, President of Content Workshop, had this to share about the launch of the program, “Although our team has been working nonstop on this program for the last five months, its production has been years in the making. It’s been our goal to help content creators since we first organized in 2013. In 2018, we published Kingmakers: A Content Marketing Story to provide a blueprint for writers in the marketing world. Today, we raise our sights again by launching a digital learning platform for content marketers called EDU.”

Ebner continued, “These courses are specifically designed to help those that have been marginalized by COVID-19. In fact, more than half of the team we brought on to help build the program had been furloughed or out of work due to the economic effects of the global pandemic. 

We accelerated our production timeline by seven months to build these courses quicker, because we felt the need was urgent. People need help now, and our mission of helping content creators thrive in the economy of the day dictated that we act swiftly.

I’m immensely proud of everything our team accomplishes in these courses.”

EDU includes two certificate programs, Copywriting and Graphic Design, as well as two career advancement programs,  Managing a Giggin’ Business and Gig Seekers.

Copywriting Certificate Program

Copywriting CertificateThe Copywriting Certificate Program includes lessons designed to help everyone, from those that have never considered themselves a writer to veterans of the field. The BETA test group saw a huge spike in skill advancement after completing the courses. Initial results report a 70%-90% increase in learning assessment scores after completing the writing and search engine optimization (SEO) courses. 

The courses in the Copywriting Certificate Program include:

  • Fundamental Writing
  • Marketing Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Workshopping Your Content 

At the completion of the program, students have the chance to work one-on-one with the Content Workshop producing an article for their portfolio. On finishing the assignment, students will receive a Content Workshop Copywriting Certificate that can be used to advance their career. 

Learn more about the copywriting certificate program here:

Graphic Design Certificate Program

Graphic Design CertificateThe Graphic Design Certificate Program includes lessons developed to help beginning graphic designers kick-start their career in design.  With so many people now being asked to take on extra responsibilities during these trying economic times, adding the graphic design skills offered in these lessons to a resume can be a helpful boost for those looking for work. 

The courses in the Graphic Design Certificate Program include:

  • Brand Authenticity
  • Design Principles
  • Design Process
  • Executing Designs

At the completion of the program, students have the chance to work one-on-one with the Content Workshop team to develop designs for their portfolio. Additionally, upon finishing the assignment, students will receive a prestigious Content Workshop Graphic Design Certificate that can be used to advance their career. 

Learn more about the graphic design certificate program here:

Managing a Giggin’ Business and Gig Seekers Programs

Managing a Giggin’ Business and Gig SeekersTwo additional programs are being offered by Content Workshop: Managing a Giggin’ Business  and Gig Seekers.

David J Ebner had this to add when asked why they’d added these two programs, “It’s simply not enough to offer the skills someone needs to advance their career and not help them take the next step–figuring out how to apply them. These two programs are pivotal in these uncertain times. People across the world need help finding a job or learning how to leverage freelancing to keep a roof over their head. 

Our mission is to help content creators thrive in the economy of the day, and in the economy of the coming decade, that mission takes on a new, more urgent meaning. Our copywriting and graphic design courses answer the first half of the mission, while the managing a giggin’ business and gig seekers courses answer the latter.”

The courses in the Graphic Design Certificate Program include:


  • Forming a Freelance Business
  • Freelance Finances
  • Business Development for Freelancers
  • Project Management
  • Learning to Pitch Yourself
  • Getting in the Gig Seeking Game
  • Keys to Guig Seeking Success
  • Price of Admission for Gig Seekers

Learn more about the Managing a Giggin’ Business and Gig Seekers programs here:

EDU Launch Discount Program

DU Launch Discount ProgramEDU will launch with a number of discount offers. To start, Content Workshop is offering a 50% discount to anyone that signs up for the Content Workshop Newsletter. The discount is offered for a limited time, but at least until the end of September, 2020. 

Content Workshop is also working with a number of complementary businesses and organizations to build an affiliate network for EDU. Affiliates will be able to offer exclusive discounts to their audiences and receive a share in revenue for helping promote the program. 

All interested parties should email for further details. 

About Content Workshop

The Content Workshop was founded in 2013 as a place for creative writers to workshop the content they wrote as freelancers. Today, those same writers use storytelling to advance a brand’s marketing goals and help up-and-coming writers and designers get their career off the ground. To date, Content Workshop has produced over 1,000 pieces of content for companies in the legal, software, and nonprofit marketplaces. You can learn more about Content Workshop at

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