It’s a big decision for a business to launch a blog on their website. Every brand wants more than anything to get its name out there, to become a household word, and to reap the rewards that come from such notoriety. These days, a blog is an excellent way to add a dash of humanity to a company website that’s otherwise polished, professional, and perhaps a bit sterile. The art of content writing takes time and effort, and once you get it right, it’s kind of your baby. It’s a smart trend these days for business blogs to invite guest bloggers. It can feel a little scary to ask someone from outside your organization to write for your brand, but there are some good reasons to do it. So, Why Invite Guest Bloggers to Post on Your Site? Sure, there are pitfalls, the largest of which might be quality; a bad blog is worse than no blog at all. The last thing a business needs is to produce counterproductive content that turns people away. But in the end, you have control over what you publish, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Guest Bloggers Help You Keep It Fresh

To keep Google searches pointing to your website, it has to offer new and fresh content, on a regular schedule. Guest bloggers can help you achieve more than you could on your own. If you’re looking for something fresh and different, guest bloggers are the ticket to getting your business blog out of a rut. The Internet is bursting with the good advice of thought leaders and experts in every field imaginable. Many of these writers are people whose names most of us would recognize, but most are the smart, relatively unknown people, just like us, hustling to make something happen. There’s so much variety of experience out there, and so many voices, that it’s fairly certain someone has the particular kind of experience that fits your business’ blog. Inviting a good writer with different skills and a different background than that of your own stable of writers is the best way to place excellent content on your blog that’s outside your area of expertise. Instead of winging it, find the right expert, and recruit them to write for you. Better yet, offer to write for their website in return.

Mutual Reputation Boosting

Every business website has its own unique strengths, and some brands are powerful influencers. Each, if it has been around for a while, has its own established audience as well. Good writers usually have a few readers who follow their work. So, when you invite guest bloggers to create content for your business blog, you’re also inviting those writers’ followers to your website. Once introduced to your website by a familiar voice, those readers will say to themselves, “Oh look, these guys are well networked.” And presto—your reputation has been boosted by association with another, well-established and respected business. With friendly linking between brands, this networking will be reflected in an increase in Google search traffic for your website as well as the guest blogger’s website. Inviting guest bloggers, and writing as a guest on other business’ websites, is a tried-and-true way to build good relationships. That’s always a good thing. When you invite guest bloggers, you automatically give their brand a signal boost. If your business is more prestigious than theirs, pay forward your success. That’s good business karma, and when others are successful, your brand will benefit in turn. The online marketplace is war, so it makes sense to have allies.

Invite Some Friends to Dinner

Invite Some Friends For Dinner Having a friend over to your place is fun. You work to make it a nice place, an inviting place, and when you ask friends over for dinner, if they’re good friends, they’ll offer to do the dishes. Doing the dishes gets to be a real bore. It’s good sometimes to let somebody else take over that chore. Blogging can feel a lot like toiling in the scullery room of an effective website. It’ll wear you out if you’re doing it with enough frequency and regularity to make it effective. Whether you have dishpan hands or carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ve got to catch a break now and then. Inviting guest bloggers relieves the fatigue that sometimes tries to drag us all down. A couple days’ respite can do wonders for a blogger’s attitude. On the other hand, being invited to write on another business’ blog is a nice compliment. What writer doesn’t want to hear that someone admires their work and wants some of it on their website? Writers are weirdos, folks. One minute we’re shielding our eyes from sunlight and shunning human interaction. But the next, as soon as someone expresses an interest in our work, we’re stoked. And we don’t mind doing the dishes. Building this type of relationship with another business is a win for everyone. Inviting someone to write a post for your business blog is good, but arranging for each of your business blogs to host a guest writer from one another is great. Having both websites linking to one another builds their traffic, attracts new followers, enhances the reputation of each brand, and creates a partnership that can be mutually beneficial for years for Site When you invite guest bloggers to your website, as I mentioned earlier, they’re not you. They have a different approach and a distinct set of skills. You may actually learn something that will benefit your brand, and you as a writer in the future. Welcome that diversity. When you discover a business blog with an interesting flavor, different from your own, invite them to come over and whip something up for you. Chances are, you’ll get a reciprocal invitation to their site.

Creating a “Main Street” Mentality

Before the Internet, when business was done in person, side-by-side businesses benefitted from cooperation. This may not have applied as much to the dreaded competition, but let’s imagine a butcher situated beside a bakery. Each business benefitted from the ability to advertise with the other. The owners knew each other. Maybe they spent time together on the weekends. The important thing is that they supported one another, and everyone prospered. The Information Superhighway is a high-speed, cutthroat place to do business. But look ahead. Here comes our exit to a prosperous little town. By partnering with other like-minded brands to swap guest bloggers, we can create a friendly, small-town atmosphere—a kind of Main Street where visitors can smell fresh hamburger rolls baking next door while shopping for ground beef to serve on them. If you’d like one of our Content Writer Workshop writers to come over and do the dishes sometime, get in touch. We’re here to help out on any scale your brand requires, from guest blogging to mapping out a full strategy to propel your digital traffic forward. We actually may not be that useful in the kitchen, but we can create attention-grabbing copy that inspires trust and professional design to make your online presence stand out. What are your experiences with inviting guest bloggers? We’d enjoy hearing from you in the comments below.
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